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My blog is / was anonymous for a reason. Unfortunately, Judy, from An Autism Observer, decided that her self-created “community” project of listing every site by an autistic person she could find was more important that people’s safety.

She guessed at a lot of info on people, or used info that I’ve learned was not public at all; info which had only been disclosed in secret (aka locked/supremely private) groups on Facebook and other places.

Eventually, grudgingly I’m sure, Judy removed everyone from the categories she had put us in, until she (presumably) got the all-clear from various bloggers.

Unfortunately, the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) had already captured pages from her blog. Those screen captures, which unlike screenshots are as interactive as any webpage, had the bad list. Where everyone had private information spilled out for all to see on it.

I asked them (IA) to un-archive the pages that were harmful. They refused because I do not own An Autism Observer, despite that the pages put myself and others in actual danger.

I e-mailed Judy and begged her to write to them. She did. Even CC’d me on it . . . . but didn’t bother to tell me about their reply until I asked. (It shouldn’t have been a big surprise that I’d be waiting to hear why the pages weren’t going away. Years ago, I’d asked them not to archive an old site of mine. It disappeared super fast. So I knew something was up.)

Here is the reply she claims they sent in response to her request:

I received the following reply from the Internet Archive, plus her response to me:

<< Please understand that our exclusion tool currently does not allow us to process a time-specific exclusion and applies the process to the submitted URL and everything “under” it for all points in time. Consequently, proceeding with this request would exclude all past and current records and prevent future records from appearing.  If you would like for us to continue to process your requested exclusion on this basis, please let us know. >>

It is apparently not an option for them to remove selective captures from their archives except by preventing all future archiving of the site, which I am not willing to agree to.  I’m sorry if that makes you feel unsafe. Please do whatever you need to do to advance your healing.


Bold/emphasis is mine. Judy is not willing to have a blog, which is nothing more than a listing of sites, which lots and lots of autistic people are angry about being listed on, excluded from the Internet Archive. She is not willing, despite knowing that as long as that listing stays up, she is putting people in REAL DANGER.

No, Judy, it’s not a matter of feeling unsafe, it’s a matter of actually being unsafe. And I can’t do “whatever I need to do” to advance my healing because of your need to have a list, A LIST permanently archived. Your self-made “community” project, which many, many of us are furious about, is NOT worth anyone’s safety or feelings of well being. You outed people. That is glaringly, disgustingly the wrong thing to do. To anyone. It wasn’t your place.

Judy, you’d posted about wanting a sense of community. Congratulations on going about it ALL WRONG. This is not how you get a sense of community. This is how you make the community you wanted to join hate you. I’m not big on hate. But you? You I hate. Loathe. Despise.

I set my blog up after years of internal debate. I finally found the courage to write about my life. And you destroyed that. And what’s worse? You don’t even care. If you cared, you’d put the autistic community’s feelings of safety/well-being, actual safety, and so forth, above your desire to have a blog that is nothing but a blogroll.

Because of you, I have to take my blog down. I have to take my Facebook page down. I have to take my Twitter down.

You are a detriment to the very community you claimed you want to join.

You want community and friendship? You have to do the work. Skipping the entire middle part, and saying, “Well, I feel good, so that’s all that matters,” isn’t being a friend. It’s being a danger.

Go away, Judy.

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