Why I had to close my blog

I have to close my blog. I am not happy.

I’m really pissed off, if you want to know the truth. 

I created this blog to tell you about my experiences. To try to help breakdown stereotypes many people have (including parents of autistic children) about autism. Especially since I couldn’t find anything for autistic adults in my entire region, and I can’t possibly be the only autistic adult here!

I had hoped that you will find my site informative. But now, except for this one, all of the posts are gone.


Unfortunately, Judy of the An Autism Observer website, decided that her desire to have a blog (i.e. a big list) of every autistic site she could find, plus the info that she decided was good to list next to the blog (whether it was accurate or not), was more important than the safety of everyone on that list.

Although she eventually removed everyone from the categories (only to slowly put them back in different categories), Internet Archive supposedly won’t take down the captures of her blogroll where everyone was EXTREMELY exposed, outed, etc, unless she agrees to have the entire site excluded. And she won’t.

Her giant list of blogs being archived for eternity is more important than the safety of autistic people. Think about that before you decide if you’re okay with her listing your site.

Because I really don’t think she cares at all about how anyone but herself feels. And that’s dangerous.

Go to my About page if you want to read more about why I have had to close this blog (Facebook and Twitter, too), which I was using to help myself heal, which I only put out after years of struggling with internalized ableism and shame about being autistic.

Maybe I’ll blog again. But now I have even more things to worry about and struggle past to do so.

Thanks for that, Judy. /sarcasm

–Autistic in Southwest Virginia–

Note: This was originally published to the Welcome/Home page of this blog on Jan 25th. Obviously, it still exists on that page, but I realized that many people will never know it happened, because it wasn’t a post in WP-terms, and only new posts are sent out as an alert to followers.

So, after locking down all my other posts, I’ve decided to make a post with the content of the Welcome page, with a link to the About page, so that more people will know what happened.

And I hope that others will stand with me in teaching Judy why outing people is so wrong. And why it’s also wrong to refuse to let the Internet Archive take down their very damning pages (see About page for more thorough explanation of that situation).

I don’t know how long I’ll leave this up.


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